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Buitreraptor - Patience - Day 35

Buitreraptor gonzalezorum is a unenlagiine dromaeosaur from Cretaceous Argentina. Unlike more typical dromaeosaurs, it had very long, thin legs, as well as a long slender snout filled with small, strongly recurved and grooved teeth. Rather than hunting larger animals or living in packs, it appears likely that Buitreraptor captured smaller animals - mammals, lizards, and amphibians, for example. Others, however, including Scott Hartman, a well-known skeletal restoration artist, have speculated that Buitreraptor's proportions and tooth shape suggest it may primarily have been piscivorous, making it the prehistoric equivalent of a heron or egret.
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I was the opposite of "smiling" only moments ago. After seeing this "SMILING!" best describes me.

Thank you.