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Lauren Helton ([personal profile] dino_a_day) wrote2014-08-06 02:54 pm
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Therizinosaurus - Moss - 60

Therizinosaurus cheloniformis is a giant herbivorous theropod from Cretaceous Mongolia. Originally thought to be a turtle when it was discovered in 1954, further fossil discoveries confirmed its identity as a dinosaur. The actual skull of Therizinosaurus has never been found, but a herbivorous diet is most likely as every other known species in the therizinosaur family is herbivorous.

Like Nothronychus, which I illustrated early on, Therizinosaurus bore massive Edward Scissorhands-like claws, which it most likely used to grasp and shear plants to eat. It was also heavily feathered, and as it was far too big to fly, at 33 feet in length and five tons in weight, those feathers were most likely for display purposes.

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