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Lauren Helton ([personal profile] dino_a_day) wrote2014-08-08 03:46 pm
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Geosternbergia - Overcast - 61

Geosternbergia sternbergi was one of the Cretaceous period's giant pterosaurs, with a wingspan of up to nearly 20 feet. The lower jaw alone on a large male could be as much as 4 feet long. Many fossils of this species have been found of both sexes and various ages. Compared to adult males, both females and young males were smaller and bore shorter, somewhat triangular crests, but females can be separated from males of any age by their wider, more robust hips - the better for laying eggs with. These pterosaurs were probably mostly coastal, and have been found along the shore from Alberta to New Mexico along what was once the Western Interior Seaway, now the western Great Plains.

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