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Lauren Helton ([personal profile] dino_a_day) wrote2014-09-21 01:24 pm
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One last dinosaur, and thank you!

I started this project mostly as a way to get myself back to doing some art after my graduate studies, and I'd say it definitely did the job - I feel more involved in art now than I have in a long time. Unfortunately now with a full-time job on top of the rest of my hobbies, I no longer have time to do one of these dinosaurs every day. But it was a fantastic summer project, and I'd love to thank those of you who followed it for looking and occasionally commenting.

I may periodically update this, especially as part of my new job involves doing some art for The Institute for Bird Populations, and birds are, as we all know, theropods! So do look forward to those, just not on a daily basis anymore.

So once again, thank you! You can always check out what I'm drawing these days at my twitter (@shichahn) or tumblr (tinylongwing) but right now it's a lot of fanart and occasional graphic design for a group of youtubers, so nothing really to do with dinosaurs. Still, I'd love to see some of you around every now and then!


A perched Anchiornis huxleyi, done as a gift for my grandmother.

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