Aug. 19th, 2014

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As many of you know, I've recently relocated for work and have been apartment hunting the past few days while staying in a rented room. All of this has been fairly stressful and not left me much in the mood for drawing, but I know those of you who love my dinosaurs probably miss them. This one was done quickly, and more to get me back in the habit and mood for drawing than anything else. I do have a place to stay worked out now, but updates may still be scarce for a few days to a week while I get things squared away.

Anyway, this is Falcarius utahensis, an early Cretaceous Therizinosaur from - you guessed it - Utah, and the surrounding area. Nearly three thousand individuals of this species have been recovered, with many more still buried in massive bone beds - possibly the victims of a flood, or even several floods over a span of years that regularly deposited carcasses in the same general area. Unlike their fully-herbivorous descendants, Falcarius was omnivorous, and had other skeletal features like a short fourth toe and short hand claws that later developed in the Therizinosaurs into a longer fourth toe and very long plant-shearing claws.


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