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Drawing time today was replaced by museum time as I went to visit OMSI's summer exhibit, "Dinosaurs Unearthed", which is a traveling exhibition hosted by these folks. I'd been meaning to get there all summer long and finally today I made it over. The show bills itself as using "the latest in fossil evidence to take a captivating look at the dinosaurs’ fascinating — and feathered — history." How could I resist?

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No time or energy to draw tonight, I'm afraid. However, I did manage to pass by the Dinosaur Museum in Blanding, UT today while continuing to make my way across the country. The museum is run by Stephen and Sylvia Czerkas, and while neither have a paleontology degree, Stephen Czerkas especially is experienced beyond the level of most enthusiasts and has himself made some noteworthy discoveries and publications in dinosaur studies. Additionally, he's quite the artist, and has put together a number of very detailed models in his museum - most of which are now being retroactively fitted with feathers, as is appropriate.

I found his Therizinosaurus especially impressive - it's just massive, and while the feathering on it doesn't look particularly realistic (ostrich plumes are different in structure to Therizinosaur feathers, after all), it still represents a lot of work and care taken to make sure his dinosaurs are no longer naked. The museum is not for profit and is run by a small handful of staff, and it shows in that some of the text is outdated (referring to birds as being archosaurs that did not evolve from dinosaurs, for example), but they do have an impressive collection, including a cast of a mummified Edmontosaur, and three of the six known North American petrified Permian trees, and it was well worth the stop to walk through. I did get a lot of photos of skeletal mounts for myself for references for future drawings, as well.


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